• Pill Pods for your Ear Buds

    Pill Pods for your Ear Buds

    Easily find and carry your ear buds with this cool and funky Crochet Pill Pod Case! This project is easy to create and can be completed in a short period of time. These would make cool handmade presents for your music lover friend/s! Read more

  • Chic Cellphone Pouch

    Chic Cellphone Pouch

    Add another layer of protection for your phone with this easy and chic cellphone pouch! The finished cellphone pouch measures approximately 7 IN X 4 IN (H X L) and can fit most phones. Read more



    Crochet the world’s smallest violin to attach to your Crab Mitts! Inspired by Mr. Krabs from the popular animated series, Spongebob Squarepants. Read more

  • Crab Mitts With the World’s Smallest Crochet Violin

    Crab Mitts With the World’s Smallest Crochet Violin

    The Crab Mitts, is a novelty and funny crochet project, inspired by Mr. Krabs from the popular animated television show, Spongebob Squarepants. This project is easy to create, using only Single Crochet stitches to create the Crab Mitt. Read more

  • Trendy Crochet Cat Beanie

    Trendy Crochet Cat Beanie

    You’ve probably seen one of these worn by people of all ages around social media and one cannot help but agree about how cute and flattering the crochet cat beanie is. Let’s create our very own Trendy Crochet Cat Beanie! This Trendy Crochet Cat Beanie pattern includes 2 versions and uses Double Crochet stitches and… Read more

  • Kaonashi Amigurumi

    Kaonashi Amigurumi

    Literally translating to ” Faceless”, Kaonashi or No-Face, is a character in the anime movie Spirited Away, capable of devouring humans and adapting it’s character traits and abilities, hiding its true form behind a mask. Let’s create the yarn version of Kaonashi! MATERIALS MEDIUM WEIGHT/WORSTED WEIGHT COTTON BLEND YARN COLORS: BLACK, WHITE, LAVENDER 4 MM… Read more


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