Top Ten Spine Tingling Horror Films

Top Ten Spine Tingling Horror Films


Gerry Fenn’s job as a journalist brings him to Boston to investigate a strange activity, which turns out to be a hoax. As he was about to leave, he witnesses a young girl collapsing beside a tree and rushes to her aid.

The young girl, Alice, who is deaf, suddenly proclaims that she has been cured by the Virgin Mary. She then proceeds to perform miraculous healings.

Baffled by the strange incidents, Gerry together with Father William Hagan begin to suspect something more dark and sinister behind the miracles.

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Emily Rose suffers from scary, visual hallucinations and muscle spasms. Despite her medications, no improvement was noted.

Believing she is possessed, Father Richard Moore attempts an exorcism which lands him in prison. Based on the true story of Anneliese Michel.

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Young Cole Sears, worries his mother, Lynn after noticing signs of physical abuse on her son’s body. He meets Malcolm, a child psychologist and confides in him his secret ability to see ghosts.

Doubtful of what Cole told him, Malcolm further investigates and finds some truth to the claims.

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Ellison Oswalt, a true crime writer, relocates his family to a home where a gruesome murder occurred in hopes of finding inspiration and clues for his book idea, hiding this scary fact from them.

He got more than what he bargained for when he discovers a box containing disturbing film reels of murders of families and a scary figure appearing in every one of them.

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