Top Ten Scary Period Films

Top Ten Scary Period Films

If you have a penchant for scary period movies, look no further. From the settings, cultures and costumes, period films offer a different level of enthrallment for its viewers. Check out our list of Top Ten Scary Period Films to watch.


Set in the early 1900’s, lawyer Arthur Kipps is tasked to travel to a desolate estate in a remote village to attend to the affairs of its deceased owner.

Bewildered by the reception of the villagers, Arthur find himself more confused as strange noises, occurrences and sightings begin to happen during his stay in the manor.

This gripping, gothic film is based on the novel by Susan Hills. Watch the trailer here.


In a bid to save his family’s crumbling legacy, Baronet Thomas Sharpe and his sister, Lucille travel to New York to seek investors for his family’s clay mines.

He meets and falls in love with Edith, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, who is plagued by ghostly visions. The mystery begins to unfold during her stay at the mansion, revealing a dark and twisted past.

Watch the trailer here.


Distraught by the aftermath of the war, caring for her ill children and the absence of her husband, Grace and her children encounter ominous presences inside their home.

Together with their 3 servants, they searched the house for the intruders and discover disturbing photographs which turns out to be of deceased people.

Watch the trailer here.

THE WITCH (2015)

A family banished over a religious dispute finds their way into a section of the wilderness and build a farm.

After just having given birth, Katherine, discovers her baby missing under the care of her daughter, Thomasin. Shortly after, strange and unfortunate events begin to take place. A disturbing and terrifying film which is set in the early 1600’s.

Watch the trailer here.


Dr. Eric Price is assigned by the board of the Winchester Company to assess the mental state of Sarah Winchester due to her eccentric behaviour.

The doctor, himself grieving the loss of his wife, is dependent on drugs. During his stay, he experiences a strange phenomenon but dismisses it as a side effect of his drug use.

Could their be any truth to what the heiress has just told him? Are 13 nails enough to seal them all in? Watch the trailer here.

THE NUN (2018)

An entity under the guise of a nun lurks and wreaks havoc inside an abbey during the mid 1900’s.

The Vatican sends in Father Burke and Sister Irene to investigate the deaths associated with the paranormal activity happening and makes a grim discovery.

Watch the trailer here.

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