Top Ten Scary Period Films

Top Ten Scary Period Films


A haunting childhood lullaby reminds the twins, Edward and Rachel the rules for their stay in their family’s estate. Both are bound by their family’s dark secret to a life of reclusion and ill fate.

Rachel soon discovers love and is determined to escape her plight, angering her brother and risking the wrath of the supernatural presences inhabiting the land.

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Carolyn Perron and her family begin experiencing strange occurrences inside their farmhouse in Rhode Island.

The death of their dog, Sadie and their encounter with a vengeful spirit, prompted her to contact paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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Villagers are mysteriously terrorized by nightmares of a scarecrow and silver fangs following the brutal slaying of a Gypsy clan led by its cruel land baron, Seamus Laurent.

Timmy, a farm boy urges his friends, including the land baron’s children, Edward and Charlotte, to visit the site of the slayings and digs up the silver fangs.

This discovery unleashes blood thirsty creatures and a series of unfortunate events. Watch the trailer here.


The murders occurring in Sleepy Hollow is believed by the villagers to be committed by a mythical creature known as the Headless Horseman.

Skeptic, police constable, Ichabod Crane is dispatched to investigate the murders in this gothic supernatural horror film by Tim Burton. Watch the trailer here.

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