Top Ten Spine Tingling Horror Films

Top Ten Spine Tingling Horror Films

Ghouls, demons, vampires, we’ve got them all in our Top Ten List of Spine Tingling Horror Films which will surely keep you up at night!


Strange incidents begin to take in place a Georgetown neighbourhood.

Regan, daughter of actress, Chris MacNeil, begins to exhibit uncharacteristic behaviours further escalating into violent and unnatural ones. Chris enlists the help of Father Damien Karras to help save her daughter.

A terrifying story of demonic possession. Watch the trailer here.

THE RING (2002)

A video tape containing unsettling images is said to be cursed. Falling into the hands of a group of teenagers, they begin to experience unexplained bodily phenomenons and unsettling visions.

Katie was a part of that group and her freakish death prompted an investigation from her journalist aunt, Rachel, who races against the clock to solve the mystery. A remake of the Japanese film, Ringu (1998).

Watch the trailer here.


Inheriting a glass mansion from his ghost hunter uncle, Cyrus Kriticos, Arthur moves in with his two children, Kathy and Bobby, who immediately discover that they are not the only dwellers living inside the futuristic looking house.

Watch the trailer here.


An eerie apartment building, a wife’s forbidden love for her dead husband and black magic brings about a series of scary and tragic events.

Yau, a restaurant owner belongs to a family of jiangshi or vampire hunters. Can he help put a stop to the evil that has just been unleashed?

Watch the trailer here.

SHUTTER (2004)

After being involved in a hit and run, Tun and his girlfriend Jane, stumbles upon mysterious apparitions in his photographs. He begins to experience neck pains and an unexplained weight gain.

His girlfriend soon discovers a disturbing past her lover has kept hidden from her.

Watch the trailer here.


Tommy and Austin, a father and son team of morticians, are puzzled by the cause of death of a Jane Doe who have come under their care. Strange events begin to occur as the autopsy of the body continues.

A spine tingling, supernatural horror film by André Øvredal. Watch the trailer here.

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