Good Luck Witch’s Broomstick

Good Luck Witch’s Broomstick

Craft a protective and fragrant Witch’s Broomstick in any size this Halloween!

Known for its citrusy scent, lemongrass is also known to possess magickal properties. It provides clarity, expels negativity, is used in spiritual house cleaning, provides protection against evil and is one of the main ingredients used in Vanvan Oil.


Lemongrass Leaves




Protective Gloves

Time needed: 40 minutes


  1. Gather Lemongrass Leaves and Twigs

    Depending on the thickness of the broom head, collect lemongrass leaves and twigs. As the lemongrass edges can be sharp, wearing safety gloves prevent nicks and cuts.

  2. Measure and Cut

    Cut the lemongrass leaves to the desired length, measure the twig and cut to the desired length.

  3. Binding the Broom Head to the Stick

    Encapsulate one end of the twig with the cut lemongrass leaves. Tie together tightly with twine and cut.

A simple and aromatic Halloween decoration and party favor.

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