Cat and the box

Cats are little, majestic creatures meant to roam every corner of your home. Ever so often, you can find them by the window, gazing out or sunbathing. It takes a certain amount of effort to get them to move and play, but not with THE BOX. Leave a box lying around and see your cat spring back to life, your feline friend/s would surely investigate and try it on for size! But…what is it with the box?

The box provides a safe space for your cat. Cats are natural predators hiding behind a cute, furry face– being domesticated doesn’t mean they’ve lost the wild in their blood. Their instinct is to stalk and hunt down their prey. Makes you wonder what is running through their heads as they peer through their hiding spots.

Cat and the Box

Your cat will have a recreational activity while keeping warm and comfortable. Further entertain your cat by adding his or her favorite playthings, or create openings and extensions. If you find your cat spending more time with the box, you may want to consider creating or buying a more permanent cardboard box home for your cat.


Create your feline friend’s Headless Catman Halloween costume! You can view the tutorial here.

Crochet Halloween Cat Costume

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